Frequently Asked Questions

We collect inventory data by extracting what is listed on dealer websites then use proprietary technology & logic to make assessments about the status of each vehicle.
We don’t. But most DMSs of today update website inventory within hours of posting a new sale. A dealer’s website is the most accurate reflection of stocked inventory only second to the actual, physical showroom.
No. Your data history begins when you sign up, define your dealer client networks and we send you confirmation.
Most dealers don’t report new car sales to the OEM the same day (or even the same week) the car is sold. Additionally, Market Pulse tracks sales AND wholesales. If a new vehicle is sold by a sister store, often times the sister store will take retail credit for that vehicle.
No. Each network you create must be built around your dealership’s inventory. But we can “hide” your store in both the sales graphs and vehicle detail table, if you’d prefer.

We will have your network up within 5 business days of receipt of your setup fee and competitor selections. You will receive an email confirmation prompting your login to access your dealer network.

The Market Pulse interface will support up to 9 dealerships/competitors PLUS your dealer client. However, you may track as many dealerships as you’d like and change competitors out as you see fit.
Yes. We recommend freezing any dealer client network subscription when a client is lost. This means we will continue to collect the data but at 50% the per dealer fee.